What Exchange Hosting Can Do For You

Sometimes you need to work with a team whose members are in different locations of your country, or even the whole world. Others, you may need constant collaboration, because you need to work with others during all day, but they're not in the same place. These situations need to be solved by specialized Internet tools.

Microsoft SharePoint is an interesting service that allows to share documents and information and collaborate in a workgroup. For example, programmers, designers, and other team members can collaborate to build websites, games or any other project, sharing their information and keeping track of the changes easily.

SherWeb offers sharepoint web hosting, giving you access to SharePoint Services 3.0, that includes features like mobile integration, blogs, brainstorming through wikis, task managers, RSS for projects and information... The design is also customizable, with more than 40 templates and themes.

They also offer exchange hosting services, that allow you to share information and work together without fearing the loss of information if, for example, your laptop is lost or broken. It also increases your productivity by providing all the tools you need for collaboration.

In addition, there's also web hosting plans with unlimited traffic and 1 to 20 GBs of space, starting from $7.25/month, and dedicated servers.

Both for enterprises and for developer teams, services that offer hosted sharepoint are something that are worth trying, because these technologies offer a secure and solid way to get the work done.

-Emma Alvarez-

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