My Article In Yareah Magazine. June 2009

As you know, I usually write in Yareah Magazine, a publication of mythology, literature and art. This month the magazine is dedicated to Vampirism.

You will be able to read articles about Bram Stoker, Gilles de Rais, Dracula and many more.

The artists of this month are Vangelis Fitsios and Polly Jackson.

My article has been about Elizabeth Báthory also known as "The Blood Countess". This article is a resume on her life. A life full of crimes and the most horrible cruelty of a serial killer.
Elizabeth inspired Bram Stoker to write his novel Dracula and could be inspiration for many horror writers.

The worst of writing about this woman and getting information about her is to discover a very dark era in Europe, where someone only for being an aristocrat could torture their servants and go unpunished.

Elizabeth wasn't arrested for killing common people. She was arrested because in her last crimes, she convinced some aristocratic families to send their daughters to her castle. A kind of college for aristocratic ladies. But these girls never returned to their homes.

Elisabeth Báthory used teenagers for sex and for drinking their blood, she thought that blood of virgin girls could rejuvenate her.

When she was arrested, it was discovered that a maid had her hip broken of a thrashing, but that was legal!!! But much more was discovered. A kind of jail with girls captured to take their blood from time to time. And hundreds of corpses.

You can read the article here: Elizabeth Báthory, The Blood Countess

-Emma Alvarez-

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José said...


A darker version of Hansel und Gretel :-)
Congratulations upon the article.

Best regards,


Emma Alvarez said...

LOL Jose! ;)

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