Yearly Artist Party At EDA

As you know, I belong to an artist association called EDA (Espejo de Alicante). And last Sunday it was the yearly artist party at EDA.

Every year all the artists of EDA get together and make a party. This has been my first year.
The members of EDA are painters, sculptors, ceramists, writers, musicians...

This year's celebration was in Agost, Alicante (Spain). We caught the bus at 10:30 AM. The day was rainy, but that didn't ruin our plans.

We all went to a plant nursery. We were watching a lot of plants and trees. It was a beautiful and inspiring place. There were also mushrooms of many kinds. And the owners of the nursery gave us an enormous basket of mushrooms for our lunch.

After this we went to see the studio of a well known ceramist, Roque Martinez, who is also making an important research recovering the lost ceramic art of Iberian cultures in collaboration with the City Council of Agost.

Mr. Roque Martinez told us the way he makes pottery the traditional way, what he had learned from his grandfather and his father.

After this we visited his shop. It was very interesting to see the finished works, and the original way of coloring them.

Later we went to the restaurant. Each one of the artists brought a present. I gave a little canvas of "The Potion Of The Elf". It was really fun because the presents were raffled, so everyone was watching what the next person may get, we looked like children, LOL!

Some businesses also gave some presents. My husband won an enormous box of Christmas sweets, lol, he was so happy. And I won some hand painted Christmas figures.

All of us took a lot of photos, we ate a lot, and had a nice day. Actually, I want to congratulate the president Consuelo Giner, that made an excellent work as always :) It was a really good day.

-Emma Alvarez-

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