Christmas In Art Conference

Last Monday I participated in a conference called "Christmas in art", sponsored by Espejo De Alicante (EDA), the artists association to which I belong.

The conference started at 7:30 PM, and was about the presence of Christmas in different art disciplines. Ignacio Egido Marcos talked about Christmas in architecture. In literature and poetry, the poet Rita Quinto. About music, Consuelo Giner. Antogonza, the painter, about classic paintings. Pilar Lopez was the moderator. And I talked about cinema and photography.

In the beginning I had to prepare the topic of cinema, but in the last moments, the person who was going to talk about photography got a flu and I had to replace him, so I had to talk about 2 topics: cinema, and photography.

For my speech I prepared a video with some photos of famous Christmas movies, with a special mention to the great movie of Frank Capra "It's a wonderful life". I have to say that I love that movie. But also talked about other kind of Christmas films, and it's curious because there are all kind of movies which actions happen on these holidays: religious, horror, action, humor, drama...
I also had a special mention of the brilliant director Tim Burton. And also Charles Dickens, whose book "A Christmas Carol" has been and is a classic in movies of these holidays.

About photography I talked about the different typical themes of Christmas in this artistic scope, like winter, families, or Christmas ornaments.

After that some of us the speakers went to eat sushi that is a good way of ending a conference :)

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

Oh, how I wish I could have been there! How cool! I don't doubt you wow-ed them. Good for you, Emma! ;)
Happy New Year to You!


Emma Alvarez said...

Happy New year dear Su! And I wish you've been there :)

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