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Last July I was featured in the facebook page of Creative Collaboration. Well you could tell me "and why you say it now? It's September?" Lol! 

In the last months I was really busy. I'm obtaining my driver's license. I had the license for small motorbikes but driving a car is more useful :D

So I was sleeping little in the last weeks to study for the license. I passed the theory exam at the first attempt! ;) I'm really happy with this. But now lasts the practical one, and here getting the driver's license is really hard. My city has a lot of traffic. That makes it more complicated... But I will pass it!

Well, but better late than never. So here is the interview. And for those who don't have a Facebook account, it was this way: (oh, I would be really happy to add you to my Facebook!!!! My account is here)


The inspiration is a state of mind. And a way of being and living. Everything can be a source of inspiration. From a story that you listen to, a movie, a song, a book.  The best secret is to find a style in which you feel comfortable, and be loyal to it. Then it's like opening a door of a room that is yours. And all that you see there is familiar to you.


I'm an illustrator of fantasy and science-fiction. I also make resources for 2D and 3D artists of fantasy and science-fiction. I feel comfortable with these genres, like a fish in the water.  And in work that requires so much imagination, it's necessary to feel comfortable and believe in what you are doing.


I can't complain, lately it's going very good for me. I want to keep on making exhibitions in other parts of the world. I am specially interested in USA. To keep on working in what I do, and I would also love to find some editorials to which make book covers.


First you have to love what you do. And not care if it takes you too much time. Find your own style. Make your portfolio.  Meet others that do the same as you.  Collaborate with other artists, and search for projects. There are no small projects, but works that are done poorly or done well.

-Emma Alvarez-

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