EA Mykhail For M4 And Genesis

I have released this product for Renderosity with my husband Jordi (hiperia3d).

Mykhail is a character for M4 and Genesis.

- Custom modeled Head Morph (INJ and REM)
- Custom modeled Vampire Teeth morph (INJ and REM)
- 2 Body morphs (INJ and REM): one well-proportioned, and another herculean, stronger body

- For Poser Pro 2012 and P9 users: SSS Skin Shaders for all mats
- Lots of mats: facial hair, wounds, makeup, tattoo, and vampire options

- Lots of other features, see product page: EA Mykhail For M4 And Genesis

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

He's awesome! He looks real! I looked at the other previews on Renderosity and it is the same there. All the body 'blemishes' and hair, etc, make him look real. More than some images I have seen.

Very nice!


Emma Alvarez said...

Oh yes Su we got it! We are really proud of this work!

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