I'm Top Seller At Renderosity!

This 1st of May I entered as top seller at Renderosity, and I am absolutely happy with this.
I've been as a vendor at Renderosity since 2008 and being inside the top sellers means being one of the best content creators amongst hundreds of artists. The level of Renderosity is very high, and I'm very proud for being there. I have worked and still work very hard to be each day better and offer a good content to customers.

I feel very proud seeing what customers do with my products. I feel like being a seed of their art. It's a very beautiful sensation, and during all this process I have grown very much as an artist. Many times making compatible my work as a vendor with learning new things all the time.

In the last times I learned many things, and that makes me feel that I've grown as a person.
I can remember that my grandfather always said that one must learn new things. He said that each night when you go to bed you should think about the things you did during the day and what you learned. And I followed his advice. If he could see what I do now, he may be very proud of me.

I know that this work is very hard and very competitive, but I enjoy doing it. Each hour that I'm in front of my computer (and I spend a lot of hours there) I enter in my own Avalon, I enter to my own magic world that later I give to others.

Since I was a child I wanted to be an artist. But if someone had told me that I will work in this I had been very surprised.
I love all this world, it amazes and surprises me, and life doesn't stop giving surprises. Many times I've been an ambitious person, but at this time I only care where I am in this moment. No more crazy races to go nowhere.

What will the future bring me? Who knows. What I know is that I will have people to share it. People of distant countries, so far and so close from me. And that is great. Thank you for being there!

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

What an introspective piece! It's neat to read! Your grandfather knows, Emma, and he is very proud! Do you ever feel him smiling down at you? Listen, you will.
You did this yourself and you deserve to be happy. It's a lot of hard work! But, your dedication has paid off, my friend! I am pleased for you!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Su for being always there! Your words are for me fresh air and I need them. God bless you my friend!

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