Launch of the book 'Art With Human Rights'

This is a collage with the photos of the launch of the book "El Arte Con Los Derechos Humanos" (Art with Human Rights).
Below the photo from the artists presentation in which they gave the diplomas, is the cover of the book and the page with my illustration, which represents the right to universal Justice.

I am honored of taking part in this 2 years project, which was coordinated by International Amnestry and the local authorities. The book is going to be distributed in some schools, and it's an honor for me that children learn the right to Justice through a work of mine.

This is one of the most satisfactory projects for me :))

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

For whatever the reason, your 'Justice' piece is what I think of when I think of your art. To me, she reminds me of you in appearance, so, that is the piece I identify with, I guess.
I am so happy for you to be involved in such an amazing venture! Yay!! LOL Congratulations! Never forget to take time to enjoy the fruits of your labors!


Emma Alvarez said...

Oh thank you dear friend, I always appreciate your constant support, big hugs!

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