Azucar Hair

Here is our new hair model: Azucar Hair for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4 (using the fit morph included), with 29 morphs, 15 mat poses for the hair and 5 mat poses for the bow headband

It is available for Prime for just $3.5

The number of morphs added (bangs, sidebangs, movement, wind, hairline, adjustment, feathers...) give you freedom and ease of use.

Bold, sexy, and fun, customizable, and easy to use, perfect for playful party girls, pinup, and classy girls... very versatile!

Get it here: Azucar Hair for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4

There is also a fantastic addon made by -Wolfie-

This Pack includes:
- Hair prop for Victoria 4 and Aiko4
- Highly customizable through the use of 29 morphs included
- Morphs are located in 8 categories for easy use: Fits, Style, Bangs, Sidebangs, Movement, Wind, Hairline, Adjustment
- 15 hair mat poses: 12 bright natural colors, and 3 colored (blue ice, purple and pink)
- 5 hairband mat poses of different styles: Pinup, Parisienne, Glamour, Elegance, and Safari
- Zero morphs icon to easily reset all hair morphs to zero
- Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

-Emma Alvarez-

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