Renewal Organized Poses For V4

A new collection of organized poses with full and all their partials, to easily build the perfect pose!

Renewal Organized Poses For V4 for Poser and DAZ Studio

- 30 unique full body poses
- 30 full body mirrors
- 30 upper body poses
- 30 upper body mirrors
- 30 lower body poses
- 30 lower body mirrors
- 30 head and neck poses
- 30 head and neck mirrors
- 60 arm poses
- 60 arm mirrors
- 60 leg poses
- 60 leg mirrors
- 60 hand poses
- 30 eyes poses
- 30 eyes mirrors
- 11 zero poses to restore neutral position of each part

More info, images and get the pack here:  Renewal Organized Poses For V4

-Emma Alvarez-

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