EJ Hugo For M6 Released At DAZ

EJ Hugo, our character for M6, has been just released at DAZ. You can find him here:

We are very fond to vampire novels. He represents the romantic man and the tormented hero.
He can have very different appearances and be a very versatile character, with custom sculpted head morph.


He includes several face options, from goatee for a casual boy, also without goatee, of course, an option for Venetian mask, that reminds the Vampire novels inspired in the 18th century... so you can imagine him in a Venetian street full of fog, lurking in the corners looking for his next victim. He also has Gothic face options, and we included also some Gothic nails. We also put another face option with the reddish eye contour that you may have seen in dozens of movies and illustrations. That romantic red eye contour is also used nowadays in fashion makeups.
About the eyes: we included 7 natural eyes, and 3 of fantasy, that are the typical vampire eyes. One set is completely black and may also work for demonic or evil characters, or even a wizard, or someone possessed by a curse. You also have the red eyes of vampire, and another one with the red sclera that you saw in many movies.

There is a vampire teeth custom sculpted morph, and mat options for the teeth clean or with blood in teeth and tongue.
We could not forget the blood in a vampire, so it also includes the typical mouth with blood drips, and the bites in the neck.


About the tattoos: you can put the tattoos in one arm, the other, or in both arms.
In the left arm you have the tattoo of the Death between blue roses, flowers that Alchemists used as symbol of the impossible, and birds under it surrounding that scene. That tattoo symbolizes the impossibility of the death of the vampire, and the suffering that this fact produces to him.
In the other arm there is a phrase in Latin: "Memento Mori", that means "Remember that you are a mortal being". It is the warning of the vampire to his possible victims, that feel attracted irremediably by his attractive and probably will be doomed to death.

He also includes 10 expressions and a zero expression: 5 for a casual male, and 5 for vampire.

Well, and umm... yes he has a genital morph and textures LOL! Custom sculpted for better realism :D
And all DSON and Poser files are included so it can be used by all users in Poser and in DAZ Studio.

Hope you guys like Hugo and find him as fun to use as we loved to do him!

Get it here: http://www.daz3d.com/ej-hugo

-Emma Alvarez-

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