Dangling Circlets For Any Figure

Get the exuberant touch that will take your characters to a superior level, with the kind of jewelry that you could see on high fantasy illustrations and movies! A must-have!

Dangling Circlets For Any Figure is a set of five circlets with hanging chains that can be used with any figure. By default they fit to Genesis 2 Female, but we also included fit morphs for the most common figures (male and female) for faster and easier fitting: Genesis 2 Male and Female, V4, M4...You don't need DSON to use them.

Some features: material options for each one for Poser and DAZ Studio, and morphs to adjust, move, simulate gravity and movement... You also have hide options to customize them even more and get more looks, hiding the different parts (see promos for examples).

Get them now, they are 30% off for a short time!

See more images and get them at DAZ3D here: Dangling Circlets For Any Figure for Poser and DAZ Studio.

In addition, if you buy this product and another new release today, you can get 50% off from our store at DAZ! See this offer here: http://www.daz3d.com/sales-promotions#yoth


-Emma Alvarez-

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