EJ Bellaluna and Moonchild Jewels

This is our new character for our store at DAZ: EJ Bellaluna and Moonchild Jewels. She comes with a jewelry set included: Moonchild Jewels, which consists in a necklace, 2 earrings, and a star prop. The star prop comes in small size, for example to be put on the hand as in the main promo, or make it big as seen in another one of the promos.

Bellaluna has a very detailed skin. She has options for 7 casual makeups, 8 lip colors, and also the option for no lip color for more natural lips, she also has 7 eyelashes colors to mix and match with the casual look to get a fashionable look, or with the Moonchild options, 10 eye colors, and 7 hands and feet nails colors. Of course she includes custom elven ears, custom genitalia morph, and of course custom sculpted head morph. It only requires Genesis 2 Female Body Morphs for the body, and she is ready to be used in DAZ Studio of course, and in Poser using DSON.

She also includes the Moonchild options: arms and body painting that can be combined or used independently, for left arm, right arm, or both arms, and all torso, or in chest only, back only, side of the body only, or navel only, and of course an icon to apply all the body painting at once. She also has 4 fantasy Moonchild makeups: Dark Side Moonchild Mask, Bright Side Moonchild Mask, Crying Stars, and Moonchild Blue Myst.

And about the Moonchild Jewels, they come with many partial mats that you can use to customize them as you wish. The earrings come with gravity and movement morphs to give a real feel, and the star prop has materials for the back and the front so you can mix different materials.

See images and get her here:


-Emma Alvarez-

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