Sleepzzz Purr Outfit and Accessories

Our new product for our store at DAZ: Sleepzzz Purr Outfit And Accessories is an outfit with an innocent touch of gorgeous femininity, fresh and special. Make your characters look fun or sexy, but always sublime. A must have!
Includes 8 full material presets, plus partial materials to customize the cat, and hide the straps and bow in the babydoll. Also includes 10 poses for Genesis 2 and the cat plush.
The outfit includes: babydoll, bloomers, cat plush, earrings and necklace, all customizable and posable through morphs and materials, plus 10 poses.

See more images and features here: Sleepzzz Purr Outfit And Accessories for DAZ Studio and Poser (with dson plugin)

-Emma Alvarez-

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