Our Trip In Hot Air Balloon

Jordi and I always wanted to travel in hot air balloon, and as tomorrow is Jordi's birthday, it was a very nice gift for him. It has been an awesome experience!

We had to go to Alhama (Murcia, Spain), which is 120 kms away, so we had to wake up at 4:30 am to arrive there at dawn, that is when we had to be there.

It was awesome because we saw how the balloon was assembled step by step. We also saw lots of airplanes that we love. Another of our stunning experiences was a flight in a Cesna some years ago.

The take off was quite smooth, and the hot air balloon moves very softly, very smooth, it's not scary at all. With us, another air balloon that was smaller followed, and also an ultralight choplifter (what a cool machine!)

The flight was about one hour long. In the horizon you could see the sea. The only scary thing was the landing LOL! We landed in a field full of stones and the basquet ended upside down. When you land you have to duck in a special position. They give you a course before taking the balloon, of a security posture for your feet and head, arms, so even if it lands in a bad way, nothing happens to you LOL!

After the flight, they brought us back to the hangars in a jeep. In the road coming back we saw a huge snake, a lizard, and lots of rabbits! It was very cool!

When we arrived to the hangar, they gave us a lunch and champagne, and we also have a diploma.

It has been a really stunning and unforgettable experience!

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

What fun! I am so happy you two got to go up! I want to do that some day!
Loves and Hugs,


Emma Alvarez said...

It's a great experience, I encourage to do it Su! :)

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