Miss Von Dark Outfit And Accessories For Genesis 3 Females

Our new product: Miss Von Dark Outfit And Accessories is a complete set of Dress, Shoes with Socks, Eyepatch, and Blade or Spike Umbrella, unparented version of the umbrella, and 10 poses for Genesis 3 Female(s).
Miss Von Dark is an inspiring outfit for the most incredible adventures, extremely customizable and versatile, for Gothic, fantasy, and anime stories, in-temporal, classic and sexy at the same time. Miss Von Dark has no rival, with her amazing Umbrella De La Muerte, that can be a innocent accessory or a terrible blade, a dress that can be cute or menacing, an eyepatch that gives personality to your heroines, and a very detailed and fun footwear of socks and shoes. And if it wasn't enough, 10 poses to get amazing instant scenes! A must have!
See images and get it here: Miss Von Dark Outfit And Accessories For Genesis 3 Female(s)


-Emma Alvarez-

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