EJ Hiroshi And Masao For Genesis 8 Male

This is our new product for our Daz 3D store: EJ Hiroshi And Masao For Genesis 8 Male is a character that includes 2 alternative shapes for head and body: EJ Hiroshi is a lean muscled ideal model, and EJ Masao is a more stocky shape, inspired in Sumo fighters. The textures that you can use with Masao or Hiroshi include many possibilities from casual to samurai warriors, ninjas, Kabuki actors, Oni demons, karate fighters, Emo-Gothic guys, vampires, top models or common people. You also have 4 skin tones to get different looks.

See images and full features and get them here:  EJ Hiroshi And Masao For Genesis 8 Male


-Emma Alvarez-

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