EJ Makenna For Genesis 8 Female

We just published our new product for our Daz 3D store: EJ Makenna, a beautiful character for Genesis 8 Female.
EJ Makenna uses a new shader for an even more natural skin, more natural unpainted nails, more skin details in some areas of the face, and tons of improvements.

EJ Makenna skin comes with no makeup, if you want to show a natural look, and also includes a makeup with eyeliner only, and many other makeups.

You can customize her fully and match the skin tone of people from different countries, and she will look great in many themes from casual, to action, fantasy or sci-fi.
To show Makenna as a living character, we also included 10 subtle expressions in this product, that you can use in your images to reflect her personality.

See images and get  her here: EJ Makenna For Genesis 8 Female


-Emma Alvarez-

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