EJ Wild Deluxe Pack For Genesis 8 Female

This is our new product just released at Daz 3D: EJ Wild Deluxe Pack. It includes:
- A gorgeous and detailed character, EJ Wild
- A cavewoman outfit: dforce leather dress, a morphing spear of wood and stone, and a bone for the hair with lots of morphs so you can adapt it to any hair
- 10 poses for Genesis 8 Female(s)
- Many materials for the clothing, props, and the character
- Dirty texture for the body, and for the face, mixable with all makeups and lips
- Random makeups, lipsticks, and nail colors. Click and play with the Random icons until you create something unique for her makeup, lips and nails, or use the already existing detailed makeups.

See images and get this deluxe pack here: EJ Wild Deluxe Pack For Genesis 8 Female


-Emma Alvarez-

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