Steve Vai In Live

Last Saturday, I could see Steve Vai, my favorite guitar player, in live, at the Fortress of Sun in Lorca. The concert was great Steve Vai was playing as only he can do for more than three hours. Vai proved the audience to be a musician generous and shining.

His musicians are really good. The performance of the drums was excellent. And Vai was very funny and kind. It's so good to be able to see a so modest genius and charming person.

Here you can see and hear one of his most special songs "For the love of God":

Thank you Steve Vai for an unforgettable night of music in the highs of a castle.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Pithaly said...

Steve Vai's "For the Love of God" is one of my favourites too. I made ringtone of it, and that's my ringtone too. Check it out here :)

Emma Alvarez said...

I use as ringtone "Up in the Sky", another song of the guitar genius : Joe Satriani.

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