Summer Time

Many people begin their vacation tomorrow 1st August. Some say that vacation is a controversial time for families and couples. Too much time far away from routine, work...

Sometimes we are not ourselves, only an image that others want to see. Running all the time , watching the clock, and we try to escape from ourselves .

Now in summer people have time, time to be themselves and to be with people they love, and the troubles begin when things aren't as they think.
People fear their own thoughts: that their life isn't perfect. Not as a in a movie or in a commercial. It's difficult living far away from stress when stress is part of your life, and helps you to not think.

But life has not to be perfect to be happy. Only needs to enjoy with small things. Enjoy with a beautiful landscape, with an ice-cream, with people who you love, with a book...

Actually, the small things are the most important. Remember a happy moment of your life. For others, that moment can be a nonsense, but not for you.

Happiness begins in you and isn't a big thing. Only small things, and peace in your soul. And it's in your inner self, not in a paradise island. Don't think in happiness as you see it in movies or commercials. TV is a big box of frustration. You are more intelligent than all that.

It doesn't care if you spend your vacation in you city, at beach or mountain or in your home. The only important thing is your free time, your peace, your real life.

Because life is real and doesn't finish with a big "The End" title and a kiss at sunset in a beach.
It can be better than all that.

For you an excellent song from an eternal voice: Janis Joplin.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Steven said...

Very nice blog. My suggestion is: Don't change a thing! Cheers!

Nellioness said...

I like Janis Joplin. Nice song!

And stylish blog!

jOolian said...

your insights and heart are a soul to sore ears....bellisimo.

The Crazy News Guy said...

Nice song indeed, I watched that video twice over!
I wish it were summer where I was...

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you all! I'm really surprised for your comments thanks for being this way.
If you like the video don't miss in the menu there is a great version: Ella Fizgerald and Louis Amstrong.

Summertime song is about a black slave mother that sings to her baby that everything is all right and
some day he will be free. Really a very and emotive song.

Never must exist the word "Slave".


Emma Alvarez

Cindy (The 15 Minute Dating Blog) said...

very cool indeed! Keep up the good work Emma :)

Pithaly said...

Gold. It has to be only gold.ucca_

DanA said...

It is nice your thought about happiness. This is an important question: How can you be happy?

A wise person told to me: You can't propose to you to be happy and you became happy. Because happiness is not a target to reach, it is a result. It is the result of a continuos contentment.
Hard, isn't it?

St.Paul wrote this in a short phrase, about 2K years ago.

Emma Alvarez said...

Amazing phrase Dana. It gives very much for thinking.
I think that it's imposible to be entirely happy. There is too many unjustice in the world, and to be happy would be an act of egoism.If I go walking in the street and I see a homeless, I can't feel happy.
Happiness are only little drops of water, you just have to feel it and enjoy it.

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