Copiers Killed The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs

The "50 Free Photoshop Gradient Sets" article will be the last list of this kind that I'll publish. I call this kind of lists "macropost", and they bring thousands of visits and thousands of problems.

I am not someone who uses to complain too much. But this kind of lists take a big amount of time to do. They use to contain high quality content, that is carefully chosen and composed. Some of this posts took me many days to write.

They are bittersweet, because they bring a lot of visitors, but some people make a lot of copies too.

The content thieves copy everything, they even steal your bandwidth. I must say that as this site has many visitors, I have a contract with an image hosting site. They don't copy the author signature, of course, and sometimes place a link in a tiny font to have some alibi.

I must say that this happens when I do graphics design resources list. But when I show my contact email, it's not for receiving certain types of emails. I have the right to show my photo, because this is my blog and I'm the author. And I'm not searching for anything showing my photo, and I'm very surprised with the high level of sexism that is present in our days.
I thought that I was living in the 21 century, and not in the Victorian age.

When I did the Ubuntu post, some people doubted that I was a woman, that the I was the one in the photo... some people even said that "How can a woman understand Ubuntu?", that by the way, Ubuntu is the easier of all Linux distros. To add something more: there are many women that are programmers, and my husband says that the best books about programming are written by women.
I had to read so much rudeness, that so many Diggs and votes were not worth the effort. Never reaching the popular page of Digg was so nasty. I even had phobia to Linux, Ubuntu and everything related, and only recovered from it after a long time.

I also have to put up with a lot of rudeness in the blogs or forum where I am copied, when I try to protect my content, because in their opinion I'm not generous at all 'cos I don't let them copy my articles.

Reading my content is free, and I, as many other webmasters, want people to read my content in my site. This is how anyone who makes original content wants to share. If contents were anonymous, there would be no books, no authors...

A blog is like a free newspaper, you don't charge for reading it but you get income from advertising. Stealing visitors is stealing money to websites. Money is needed because everything costs money.
Some people say that in Internet everything should be free and one should not earn money for anything. But then, they go and purchase famous drinks and clothes from big brands. Why? Do they get more satisfaction making the richest richer?

So I spend all my time writing to hosts, claiming copyright infringements, and this makes me write less, and in addition this becomes a real hell.

Many times, I thought in closing this site. I have had a very bad time, and many times this has been very nasty. For all those that suffer of copiers, I will tell you that all hosts are very conscious of this, and that no one allows copyright infringements, but these sites have their bureaucracy. And then you have to put up with the insolent attitude of the thief.

The content thieves are the cancer of Internet. I know that my graphics design lists help a lot of people. But I won't do them anymore. Many people end closing their websites for this reason. This makes a big damage to Internet.

This doesn't mean that I'm going to close Emma Alvarez Site. I will keep on doing my brushes, tutorials and things like that. And when there's a good application, I'll comment it for sure.

It's hilarious, but most of the ones that are desperate for finding graphics design lists never do anything with them. They are collectors of resources.

To be an artist or a designer you have to be creative, and have imagination. This is achieved in a different way: reading about fantasy, sci-fiction, the lives of important people... dreaming, living. This way, you get imagination. It's a stupidity to try to be a designer if one has no ideas. If this person insists because he thinks that this profession is glamorous, he'll do it. And as he doesn't come up with any idea, he'll end copying.

I must say that all that I have told you happens with macroposts. The usual readers of my blog are respectful and considerate. And I feel that they're another kind of people, that are really searching for something more.

I have to say that many of the copiers are graphics design business (or they pretend to be that). So they go to and copy all the articles that are in the popular page, to show their customers "the knowledge they have".
Today, a graphics designer said me that he prefers to copy instead of linking "to not loose customers"!!!
Poor people those who trust that kind of individuals. These are the kind of people that charge you for a logo and then they don't send it to you. There are many of these.

This site keeps on. All the contents will stay the same, but without this kind of articles.

For all the subscribers that are subscribed to copy me as I publish, guys you have killed the goose that lays the golden eggs!!!

And I want to thank my usual readers that are always there. And to those that help me when they find a copy of my content, that defend me and send me an email warning me. To Pixelame, that is the best Latin social site, and I adore them. And to the users of Mac and Ubuntu that are so kind to me. And all those who link me in the right way, to the emails of support and care, to all those readers and friends that send my articles to social sites. To all those who vote me and always have a kind word. And of course, to my customers :)

For you all, you are the reason to keep this site open and I'll keep on working for you. I'm still here and I love you.

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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Steph said...

Emma, you certainly have the right to protect not only your excellent art and hard work, but yourself as well. I'm sorry people are so lazy and inconsiderate and resort to illegal and unethical acts against you.

I for one will miss these posts because I learn so much from you and get to see the work of other graphic artists I wouldn't have otherwise known about.

It was because of you that I bought Photoshop and through you that I've learned how to use it (although I have a long way to go before I feel confident with it!)

You will never lose me as a loyal reader!


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you very much Steph for your comment, means a lot for me.
And don't worry, I will make so cool Photoshop tutorials that you could learn more than before.

Thank you dear friend :)

Tony said...

Emma, I have been your reader since the beginning and I love all the contents here.

This site is special for many reasons, and those thieves are not worth the time you spend fighting them.

As you said, what one needs is after all inspiration and having something inside, and that is provided by the other contents here, that bring magic to our hearts when we read them.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Tony. That was what I meant with the post.

There are people like you that see all the articles in a global way. But there are some people that come here in mass, take what they want, and go, and sometimes they insult.

Thank you again :)

gourmet popcorn said...

I agree this kind of list is not easy to make. But i am sure this is fun.

Emma Alvarez said...

Fun and awesome is what your site is.

Everything is so tasty :P

Greeneyezz said...

Aww Emma, I'm sorry to hear about all the problems you've had with this.

It really is unfortunate that there are some people who abuse such a wonderful gift, and understand completly why you are choosing to stop.

And like steph above has said, I'm still a reader of yours! :)


Emma Alvarez said...

Oh thank you Greeneyezz you are one of my first readers and you are here... Saying so sweet words.

Your support means a lot for me :)

el perro said...

hi emma.
i put very sad today when i read your post. i'm a regular visitor to your blog and i have not much to say, just that what you do is really inspiring and you are a GREAT artist.

it's a pity don't having your megaposts again, but i support your choice. i think that, by the moment is the best you can do.

a big hug from argentina,

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Gonzalo.

I would ask you all that when you see something like this, you act against it. I can't change the world, but we all together can.

I feel very well because you all understand this and support me.

And I'll tell you something. This evening I found a guy that subscribes himself to certain blogs by RSS and as people publish, he copies the articles. So most of my blog was copied in his.
This has a name (splog), and is a cyber-crime, that is very penalized by law.
With me, I think I also saw Darren Rowse, but he removed him this evening when he deleted my articles. It's a shame because Darren Rowse is the webmaster of Problogger, and he has a team of lawyers. I would have loved to warn him.

I am being very though and strict with all this because I think this is very unjust. For me, Internet is like a neo-hippism, a way of sharing but in a healthy way.

But all this kind of people is turning it all into something very dirty and competitive. And at the end, what can happen is that Internet will be in the hands of big companies and powerful people and not accessible to everyone.

I think that freedom of Internet must be protected as a jewel, because it's the most valuable thing of our times.

I understand freedom as doing what one likes but respecting the others.

Please, if someone has a problem with someone copying his/her contents, just email me. I will support you always, and I'm an expert LOL

And thanks again Gonzalo.

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about your problems. Some things never change. It's a shame we all lose out because of unethical people, but I can't blame you one bit for the decision you've made.

You might want to take a look at a product called Hotlink Alarm. It's an inexpensive tool that can discourage people hotlinking and stealing content from your website.

Info can be found at:

(Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated in any way with the publishers of Hotlink Alarm. I'm just very impressed with their product.)

bhupinder1066 said...

that is not easy or hard to make a list of that kind... awesome... you ar truly deserving...


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you for your support!

Yuni Murharjanti said...

Hi .. Emma. Very lucky I found this blog and read your complaint. You have a few years earlier in my appeal. From the expressions of your heart, an important lesson to me how that should behave on the internet. I am a fashion designer. When I go to create a site (because of the encouragement friend), I do not know what to do. My works are very ethnic fashion, show our cultural diversity. But like you, I am also afraid of people stealing our culture. Finally, I opted to make a blog for fun. As an expression of the other side of me and I had not planned to related my blog with my work in total at now. I still need to learn about successes, failures, shared, lost, what people want, and how we should behave so as not to need one was hurt. In time, I have to decide how I should indicate the existence of myself. But right now I still need to learn ... learn. and learning. Thank you for sharing outpouring of your hearts to us. Hopefully I can take a positive benefit from your experience. Success for you!.

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you so much :) Each person will have their own experiences and everybody needs living them :)

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