Hellboy, A Success Of Dark Horse Comics

Hellboy is a character of Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse Comic is an independent publisher created in 1986 by Mike Richardson.
Richardson had some comic shops in Portland (Oregon - USA). With the money earned in these shops, he made his dream come true: create a comic publisher company.
Other successful comics published by Dark Horse are: 300, The Mask, Sin City, Barb Wire. All these comics were turned into movies, as has happened with Hellboy.

In 1994 Mike Mignola creates Hellboy, a character that mixes the Norse and Greek mythologies with a big influence from Lovecraft.
Mike Mignola has always been very fond to the comics world. He worked in Marvel and DC Comics, and entered in contact with the most important authors from those publishers.

For Mignola, Hellboy was an important personal project. To create his own character was a very important step for him. He always drew the characters of others before that.
Mignola also collaborated in some cinema projects like Blade II, and there he met Guillermo Del Toro, that is the director of Hellboy movies.

Hellboy has a Gothic terror aura. This is not strange because the last work of Mignola before Hellboy was for a Batman story.

The story of Hellboy is the following. During World War II, the Nazis, very interested in everything related to super-natural, make an experiment lead by Rasputin.
The experiment was called Ragnarok, the apocalypse in the Norse mythology. During a spell, a demon child appears, and is captured by the USA army. They will call this child "Hellboy".
Professor Trevor Bruttenholm will became the adoptive father of Hellboy.

When he reached adulthood, he worked for the USA government with other super-natural beings. In each one of his adventures, Hellboy gets to know more about his essence and about his destiny. All this torments very much Hellboy, but against it he has a strong will.

Other characters of these comics are:

  • Abraham "Abe" Sapiens, an aquatic being, extremely intelligent. His powers reside on his intelligence and in the psyche, that allows him to sense the past, the present and the future.
  • Elizabeth "Liz Sherman", who is apparently a normal girl, but literally explodes when she is angered. She has serious mental traumas. The first time she exploded, all her family died in the fire.
  • Trevor Bruttenholm, who is the adoptive father of Hellboy.
  • Karl Ruprecht Kroenen. Died due to his masochist deliriums. He's an expert in mechanics and a lover of clocks.
  • Herman Von Klemp, who is a mix of vampire (as he feeds on blood) and mad scientist.
  • Baba Yaga, a witch allied to Rasputin.
  • Rasputin. If you want to know more about the real personality of Rasputin, read this article. In Hellboy, he is who made possible that Hellboy arrived to the Earth. He has resurrected, and his destiny and Hellboy's will be linked forever.
Hellboy is a big lover of cats. Between the powers of Hellboy there's his super-human strength and the extremely fast recovery from wounds.

The first movie about Hellboy was shown in 2004. As curiosities of this first movie, both Guillermo Del Toro and Mike Mignola appear in it, one dressed as a dragon and the other as a knight. This first movie tells the origins of Hellboy and won more than $100 million.

The second movie about Hellboy was shown in 2008. It was also directed by Guillermo Del Toro, and the plot, as in the previous movie, was also written with the collaboration of Mike Mignola.
In this second movie, appear elements of fantasy like elves, trolls...

Images (in order): Hellboy, by Gantian1988; HellBoy, by Rub-A-Duckie;HELLBOY, by NiteWorlf-749;Hellboy, by The Aphex.

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José said...

Hi Emma,

I saw the first one and liked it, although I feel that these kind of movies often don't take advantage of a better screenplay.
I don't know if I'll go see the second one or wait for it to be available on DVD.
Nowadays I'm finding the sound in movie theathers too loud and the sound effects kind of get undefined some times.
I don't know how it is in USA, but one seems to get a more perceptable separation of sounds at home.
And that's all :-)

Kind regards,


Emma Alvarez said...

I saw the first movie and liked it, but the last one...Mmmm...Not too much.

bhupinder1066 said...

i love hell boy... i just like supernatural movies and comics character....and i have not heard of that hell boy is a comic character...


Emma Alvarez said...

Yes he's one of the favorite characters of Dark Horse comics too.

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