Different Ways For Depicting Christmas

The depictions of Christmas not only change depending on the author, but also with the times, or the message.
Albeit in the past the emphasis was on Nativity as it's obvious, with the pass of centuries it has evolved to themes like snow, presents...
Anyway, a feeling of love, generosity, and union is still present. And let's hope that this won't change too much.

Filippo Lippi

Rafael Sanzio

Bartolome Murillo

Brueguel the elder

Adolph Tidemand

Carl Larsson

Albert Chevalier Tayler

Charles Burchfield

Thomas Nast's

Margaret Evans Price

-Emma Alvarez-

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Susanne49 said...

I love your collections of Christmas cards, Emma! As a kid I was collecting those scenes with Christmas trees and snow, like your last 4 pictures. I could look at them for hours! I love to look at them still today :)

Thanks for following my blog and thanks for the best wishes to the Holidays. Merry and peaceful Christmas to you too, Emma!

Sue's Daily Photography

Emma Alvarez said...

I'm happy that you liked it and that it brought good memories to you.
My best wishes for you and your family in these days :)

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