Best Resources Lists Of 2008

These lists are the result of many hours of work. If you're a regular reader, this compilation will be very useful for you, as you will have all the lists gathered together. Or maybe you've missed some.
And if you're not a regular reader, here you are a compilation of resources for design and developing that will be of great help for your computer and projects.

Although this kind of lists are not going to be published here anymore (by the reasons explained in this article), this is a list of the best ones that were published during 2008.

Top Best 55 Photoshop Tutorials For Professional Photographers
Some people think that photo retouching started with Photoshop. But it may be more precise to say that photo retouching started with photography.
Doesn't matter if you are a professional photographer or amateur, here you are all the techniques that are mastered by all the professional photographers of the world.

50 Free Photoshop Gradient Sets
Light and shadow effects improve your graphics and make them look more realist. Gradients have this function too. Using gradients in some areas can turn a simple graphic into a 3D one, and they also break the monotony.
In this list you will find many gradient sets of high quality. They are 50 sets, and they are free, but remember to read the license terms before using them.

50 Free Photoshop Pattern Sets
Photoshop patterns are often used both in graphics design as well as in digital art. They allow you to repeat patterns and fill the areas that you like quickly and easy.
In this list, you can find patterns of fire, Christmas, floral, Saint Valentine, stone... and many more. They are 50 free Photoshop pattern sets, but don't forget to read the license terms.

Adobe Illustrator
65 Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
It's important to master vector graphics drawing. The images that you get don't loose quality when they are scaled. It doesn't matter if it has the size of an icon, it can cover a wall too, when talking about a vector graphic.

Illustrator is Adobe's main software for vector graphics. Here you are a series of 65 tutorials that will be your source to learn new techniques, or your source of inspiration and ideas.

56 Flash Tutorials
Flash is one of the most used animation programs. It is useful for animating both vector graphics as well as bitmaps. Some go even further and create complete web pages entirely with Flash.

Top Best 55 Mac OS X Free And Opensource Software
Many designers use Macintosh for working. Its software tends to be very visually attractive and usable, but it's not easy to find free software for Mac, so there was the need to do a list just for it.

Top Best 50 Ubuntu Opensource Applications For Design And Developing
The users of Ubuntu have a big range of software to choose and install, but it's hard to choose what software is the best for your needs.
This list hopes to help to choose the right software, and here is what I think is the best Ubuntu software for designers and developers.

50 More Ubuntu Apps For Design And Developing
These programs can be run in any Linux system, but this list is called as Ubuntu apps because they can be installed with Synaptic directly or are already prepared to be installed as .deb packages.

Free Fonts
More Than 150,000 Free Fonts And Dingbats
This list contains more than 150,000 free fonts and dingbats. Its purpose is to compile together the best sites. Use it as your main bookmark for finding good fonts.

For Webmasters And Bloggers
Top best 50 free tools for your website
As a professional of design, I know how hard is to find good free tools. I think it's very important that the applications you use are easy to use. Most of the people don't have the time and patience to read many tutorials to understand how a program works.
Here you are 50 of the best. I hope you like them.

Top Best 50 Freeware For Design and Developing
Finding freeware for design and programming can be a hard task. Here there are 50 of the best.
By using these programs, your projects will have a superior quality. Some of them will save you a big amount of time.
Maybe you never thought in using some of them. But they will surprise you so much, that you won't be able to avoid testing them.

Top Best 50 Free Apps For Designers And Webmasters
Sometimes big companies have started making small and free applications, that with the support of their users have become big software projects. To support the new software designers and programmers means to better the market.
But sometimes the great quality of free applications surprises you. You can even notice that they are much better than others that are commercial.
To help these genial creators is to improve the system.

Top Best 50 Blogger & Wordpress Customizations Tips ( Hacks )
Applying hacks like those in this list, you can have all those visual effects and features that almost everybody wants in his/her blog: rotating images in header, random quotes, social bookmarking buttons, background musics, smilies, 3 columns templates... to name a few.

Most Useful 50 CSS Tips And Tools For Webmasters
The style of a website is defined by the CSS. CSS describes text fonts, if images must have borders or shadows, etc. Simply changing the CSS styles, you can change the appearance of your website completely, without changing the contents (text, images...).

Recommended 55 Free Online Tools
Lately, the number of free online tools has grown enormously. Many of these tools are really original and useful.
These services help you to do tasks that you would never imagine doing in such an easy and quick way.

Top Best 50 Firefox Extensions For Web Design
Each day there are more people that use Firefox. It is much faster than Internet Explorer, and has a lot of extensions and themes.
Regarding the extensions, many of them are much more than interesting. Some of them ease the work of designers and developers.
The 60 Firefox Extensions That Will Make You Forget IE
Firefox is a concept of browser much superior to Internet Explorer. IE was born just to browse pages, and although it has some extensions, they can't be compared to those that Firefox has.

Graphics And Icons
More Than 100,000 Free Icons
No more you'll need to search for icons, as here you'll find more than 100,000 for free.
Best Sites Where To Find Free Glitter Graphics
Glitters graphics are a way to turn a boring message into a surprising, creative and fun message.
They are used both in social networks and emails.

In this moment, Twitter is one of the most fashionable tools in Internet and outside Internet. Many people connect to Twitter from their mobile phones, iPods...Without a doubt, this list can help you to get the most of Twitter.


-Emma Alvarez-

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