Bizarre Aquatic Animals

This amphibian lives in the lakes and rivers of Mexico. It is in danger of extinction. It can be kept in an aquarium, and it's convenient to try to breed them to protect the specie.

Known as sea cucumbers, it belongs to the same genre than sea urchins and starfishes. This being has existed since 400 million years ago.

Phycodurus eques
Also known as sea dragon. It is related to the seahorse, and is found on Australia. Its body looks like covered by leaves to hide from its predators.

Psychrolutes microporos
Lives in New Zealand and Australia, at 1,000 meters under the sea. Its flesh is gelatinous, and lacks of muscles. It eats everything that floats near it.

Females reach 2 feet long, but males are not bigger than 1.5 inches. It lives in the mesopelagic zone (from 200 to 1000 meters under the sea) of tropical and subtropical waters.
It has some kind of lantern in the forehead. Other fishes are attracted by that, and then it eats them.

Mola mola
Reaches 1,400 kg of weight and 3 meters long. Its name comes from the Latin "mola", that means millstone. It uses to swim with its dorsal fin over the sea, so it is often mistaken for a shark. Sometimes it swims on a side, and waits the seagulls so they eat the parasites of his body.

Fangtooth fish
It can live up to 16,400 feet down the sea. This fish has the largest teeth of any fish in the ocean, proportionate to its body size, that is 6 inches long.

It is an octopus that lives from 3000 to 4000 meters under the sea. They are also known as "Dumbo octopuses" from the ear-like fins in the top of their head.

Argyropelecus affinis
This fish lives in deep waters but where light still reaches, so it has very big and well developed eyes.

Physophora hydrostatica
This is a gelatinous animal that lives in colonies. It is 8 to 12 cm long. It's able to regulate its density by changing the amount of gas in its float, to swim up and down. It moves at a speed of 1 feet per minute.

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Amazing, the life on this planet. Great post!

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