Curiosities About Andy Warhol

  • He had serious health problems when he was a child, and passed most of his childhood in bed, where he learn to draw. He also liked to cut photos of celebrities of his time.
  • He always felt a big love for his mother. She even collaborated from time to time in some of his works.

  • He was window dresser for some time. This influenced his career because this made him get in contact with fashion and advertising.

  • He had more than 200 wigs. In his search for feeling satisfied with his own image, he underwent plastic surgery.

  • He worked for the most influential fashion magazine (Glamour, Vogue....).

  • He was one of the greatest advertising illustrators of the world. His images for Campbell or Coca-Cola became icons of fashion and design.

  • He made portraits of the most important artist of his time: Marilyn, Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor... His admiration for them made him enter in the world of cinema.

  • He directed projects of theatre, music and photography.

  • He used the mythical Amiga to generate images, being one of the pioneers of digital art.

-Emma Alvarez-

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Steph said...

I absolutely Warhol, not only as an artist and innovator, but as a character. One of a kind!

Emma Alvarez said...

Steph in the video you can read some of his most famous quotes. I hope you like it :)

Emma Alvarez said...

I would like to see that movie, I will try to find it. Thanks Su!

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