30 Curiosities Of Cats

Cats are one of the favorite pets all over the world. They are fun, very clever, and adorable.

But did you know that....?

  • The oldest cat in the world lived for 36 years.

  • And the heaviest one weighted 23 Kg.

  • A cub of cat that is born with blue eyes may change of eye color some months later.

  • Cats can smell with their nose but also (like snakes) with the so called Jacobson's Organ, that is inside the mouth, just behind the front teeth, and connects to the nasal cavity.

  • Cats sleep between 16 and 19 hours of every 24.

  • They can vocalize up to 100 different sounds.

  • A cat can jump up to 7 times their height.

  • When a cat rubs their head against an object or person, it is showing that it is theirs.

  • When a cat is upside-down, this is a sign of security and affection.

  • Cats relax from stress scratching a vertical object. This movement activates their circulation and invigorates their body.

  • Cats hiss to protect themselves and show that they are dangerous, the same as some snakes.

  • Cats obey women more easily because they perceive better high-pitched sounds.

  • Cats love kneading with their paws everything that they like. This is something that they learn when they are cubs because with this movement they get more milk from their mother.

  • Cats appeared on Earth before dogs.

  • In the ancient Egypt, when a woman was very beautiful, she was called "cat". Women, to look more pretty, painted lines in their eyes imitating the look of cats. This custom has arrived till our days.

  • Killing a cat in the ancient Egypt was punished with the death. Cats were mummified in company of small rodents.

  • Some cats like throwing their pellet from their dish. This is to simulate hunting, and is done because of boredom or for playing.

  • There are also some cats that like to move the water in their dish with the paw. These cats like running water and try to simulate it, because they feel it's healthier. This is an old instinct of cats. Some shops sell fountains for cats for this.

  • Cats can see 6 times better than humans at night because their eyes amplifies even the dimmest light.

  • Cats have more bones than humans. Cats have 290 compared to humans, that have 206.

  • Whiskers and eyelashes, and also the tail, help the cat to keep their balance. Their amazing agility is due to their 500 muscles.

  • It is easier for a cat to survive a big fall than a small one. Some estimations have said that a cat needs a height of 8 floors to reach a position that allows to fell on their paws.

  • A cat 's sense of smell is 15 times more powerful than humans'.

  • Each cat has a different and unique shape for the tip of the nose, that is like our fingerprints.

  • The diet of a cat must be rich in fats because their bodies don't produce it.

  • Cats can't detect sweet tastes.

  • They have 32 muscles in their ears so they can direct them to the source of the sound.

  • A cat from Texas named Dusty had more than 420 kittens and had her last litter when she was 18.

  • Chocolate, coffee, and aspirin are some of the substances that are poisonous for cats.

  • In Asia, black cats are symbol of good luck.

-Emma Alvarez-

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bokjae said...

Wow! I didn't know so much about Cats till now! thanks Emma!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Bokjae! I'm glad you liked the article.

Innocent Warrior said...

Just a small input. In India, everybody loves cats but there is only one instance where cats are symbol of bad luck and that if you are travelling and cat crossed you.

It sound funny, but it is a superstition in India.


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you for your contribution Innocent Warrior :)

yesi said...

Thanks for doing this!!

yesi said...


yesi said...

"Killing a cat in the ancient Egypt was punished with the death. Cats were mummified in company of small rodents." - Voto porque comencemos a practicar esto nuevamente haha

Emma Alvarez said...

Well...I love cats and I have a wonderful cat Lilit with whom I enjoy life :)

Thank you Yesi!

Macedo said...

Interesting, I didn't know cats couldn't eat chocolate.

Emma Alvarez said...

Never give a cat a chocolate

Unknown said...

loa gatos cuando mueven la cola no es que estén contentos como los perros sino mas bien lo contrario, están nerviosos, incómodos y casi listos para atacar o salir corriendo.

maily8a said...

a los gatos les gusta que los acaricie debajo de la cara en el cuello

bettucha said...

Algunos gatos hacen un sonido muy particular cuando ven una mosca....

Emma Alvarez said...

Mi gato Charlie les llora. Para cazarlos por pena supongo XDDD

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