My Article In Yareah Magazine. May 2009

As you know, I usually write in Yareah Magazine, a publication of mythology, literature and art. This month the magazine is dedicated to Romanticism.

You will be able to read articles about George Sand, Edgar Allan Poe, Goethe, Lord Byron, Bequer and many more.

The artists of this month are Francis Piep and Andrew McIntyre.

My article has been about the Spanish writer Rosalia de Castro. A woman with a very sad life and very talented, who felt rejected by the society of her time. She was a daughter of an unmarried woman and a priest in a time in which it was a big scandal, and all her sons died before her. She died with 48 with a very bad health, troubles, and the dead of her most loved persons.

But she left a legacy of very good literary works. You can read the article here: Rosalía de Castro, a life of tragedy.

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

Rosalia sounds like a true Renaissance woman. Excellent article. I want to go find one of her stories, now. I have read alot about Frida Kahlo. Her life was pretty interesting.

Thanks for sharing this. Cool article!


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Su!

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