A Look To The Sea Of Classical Artists

One of the most relaxing things in life is watching the sea. But it's also curious to see how the sea is the center of the lives of many people, from sailors to people that live from the sea as a source of touristic entertainment, or merchants...
And this is how it has always been, is, and will be. And classical artists have depicted this life which center is the sea. I hope that you like this selection of classical artworks and that you find them as immersive as I do.

"Battle of the Kearsarge and the Alabama", by Eduoard Manet

"Niña", by Joaquin Sorolla

"Sunset at sea", by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

"Return of the sailors", by Cleto Ciocchini

"Ship in a storm", by Raul Praderi

"Terrace at St Adresse", by Claude Monet

"Seascape near Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer", by Van Gogh

"Frigate Sarmiento", by Emilio Biggeri

"Boating party", by Mary Cassatt

"Red Boat with a Blue Sail", by Odilon Redon

-Emma Alvarez-

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Steph said...

The Van Gogh is new to me, I love it! But then, all the others are beautiful too. Thanks for a great post!

Emma Alvarez said...

The blue palette of Van Gogh is one of the best.

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