The Most Famous Pirates

Since the moment in which human beings made ships to move their merchandise or travel, since that moment piracy appeared.

They were people that used to board other ships and steal them, and kidnap famous personalities.

Much has been written about pirates, giving them even some charm that maybe was not present in reality, or who knows...

Watterlogged Pirate

What is true is that there have been great and very famous pirates, like:


Policrates was a Greek pirate, one of the most famous pirates of antiquity. He lived in the Island of Samos. His wealth was so big that he ordered to build a palace, where he kept his treasures of gold and precious stones. He ordered to build 100 warships that practiced piracy boarding every ship that crossed their way.


His name was Oruç Reis, and was also called Baba Aruj. He got to be the governor of Algiers. He was a very ambitious pirate. Between his best booty there were 2 ships full of merchandise property of the Pope of Rome. This angered Catholics so much that they chased him for vengeance through land and sea.


He started being a British soldier but he decided to devote himself to crime, becoming one of the most feared pirates. They said that his appearance was ferocious, and that he drank rum with gunpowder, and that he was able to fire up to 6 guns at the same time. He was near 2 meters tall, and he did some kind of magic trick in which he appeared with a cloud around his beard.

We are pirates!

Sir Francis Drake

He was protected by Queen Elizabeth and in charge of attack the Spanish ships. He managed to destroy the plans of Felipe II to conquer England. His services were so useful that he was awarded a knighthood.

Anne Borny

She was a pirate woman. She left her traditional life to went on board of a ship disguised as a man. She fell in love with Calico Jack Rackham, another popular pirate with whom she did piracy during 4 years becoming famous for her cruelty and skill at arms.

Pirates of Lake Ashi

Captain Kidd

His name was William Kidd and was a Scottish sailor. His enormous treasure was legendary and although he was a corsair for the British government, he was sentenced to death.

Captain Roberts

He was called Bartholomew Roberts and in the beginning he was a sailor but his ship was captured by the pirate Howell Davis, and he decided to join him turning himself into a pirate.
When Davis died, he was named captain by election of the rest of the crew. In 2 years he captured 200 ships, becoming, with no doubts, one of the most successful pirates.
He was very charismatic. He loved classical music, good clothes, and his gentlemanly personality was well-known.

Images (in order): Ack Ook; Earcos; and Roybuloy.

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