How To Turn Your Photos Into Something Fun

Nothing is more fun than sharing photos that make you laugh with your friends. But what if you could turn your photos or someone's else into a fun joke to share with everybody?

PicJoke does this. Works like a free online Photoshop to mix your photos with effects and backgrounds, so they become something very fun.

But you don't need any special knowledge to do this, just go there, choose an effect, and upload one of your photos, which is done through a button. As simple as that.

There are more than 100 effects that can be browsed by date on the left menu, and the best of all is that a new effect is added every day.

Making funny photos with PicJoke is so fast and easy and will make you laugh so much that you will find yourself uploading lots of your photos and sharing them with your friends, that will surely be surprised.

Once uploaded, you can download the photo to your hard drive and they also provide you with a link to share it online with your friends, or add it to emails.

Today I uploaded the photos of my pets.

In the first one, my cockatiel Ada is with Barak Obama. I always knew that Ada will be very successful, because she's absolutely fun and loving, although she could drive crazy even the President Obama LOL

Here, an admirer has a photo of my kitty Lilit. No surprise because Lilit is so cute, and captivates the heart of everyone.

Here, my cockatiel Byron is a model. I knew that he was going to be very famous. But he's not only handsome, as he also sings, dances and talks.

As you see, you will get lots of funny pictures from your images. The possibilities are endless, as so are the hours of fun that PicJoke will give you.

-Emma Alvarez-

© 2008 by Emma Alvarez. Link to this post without copying the text.

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