The Mind Maelstrom ( Sirenia)


I can feel a sorrow linger in my mind
And the dark that follows
Makes me falter in my life
There's a darkness, there's a light
A narrow path and a wide


There is no tomorrow for the lost and blind
There's no glee, nor sorrow
In the maelstrom of their minds
There's an hour, there's a time
Is this the end of the line?


There's a fire fading deep within
Lost it's spark, it's will to be
There are seven doors within my dreams
I've found them all, but still no key


-lyrics of the original song-

You can find this song "The Mind Maelstrom" in the last album of Sirenia called "The 13th Floor"
edited in April of this year.

Sirenia is a Norwegian band. Their style is between gothic and symphonic metal. The band began in 2001 and "The 13th Floor" is their fifth album.

Hope you like this song!

-Emma Alvarez-

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