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Many designers and independent professionals start their business by themselves alone, and need to spend as little as possible in all that they can.
What do you imagine when you think in starting your business? You will for sure think in things like business cards, flyers, catalogs... A business usually needs lots of printing services.
Specially at these times of economical crisis, your costs must be controlled. Good printing services tend to be expensive, and can take a big portion of what you earn.
And they are in fact the face of your business. The printed materials are what people see when they approach: the business card, of course, but also the posters in your office, a club card, a bookmark, calendars that you give each end of year and make your customers remember you...
Sacrificing these things means offering a poor first impression, something that any company can't afford.
When your new small business starts its activity, you can benefit from online printing, that is much cheaper than traditional print shops.
Some reach a high quality, like for example PsPrint's printing services, and once you use it you will never leave them. They have online tools for designing your printing materials, and also professionals that can design them for you.

So, as Christmas is coming soon, you will surely have some printings to do. And online printing is one of the best options.

-Emma Alvarez-

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