Victorian Papers

I have done this product for Renderosity "Victorian Papers". The product consists in:

20 Victorian Papers and 5 greeting words:

10 Victorian Papers 2400 X 3000 and 300 DPI, JPG files.
10 variations: Lined Papers 2400 X 3000 and 300 DPI, JPG files.
1 PSD file containing 5 greeting words for letters.

To get it, go here: Victorian Papers

backgrounds scrapbooking papers

Use these papers as backgrounds for your Victorian or Steampunk characters.

backgrounds scrapbooking papers

Old papers for your letters or your scrapbooking projects.

backgrounds scrapbooking papers

-Emma Alvarez-

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Kaye Waller said...

These are gorgeous. Thanks Emma!

Emma Alvarez said...

Glad you like them! :)

suruha said...

I love these! I just recently discovered 'steampunk' and they would be awesome! Thanks for turning us on to them.


Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you Su, Steampunk is inspired in the Victorian Era.

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