I'm Sponsor Of 3D Hobby Magazine

I'm sponsor of a contest in 3D Hobby Magazine, a new magazine for hobbyists of 3D modeling that will give them the opportunity to learn from prestigious and expert 3D modelers and 3D software developers, and other outstanding personalities of this industry.

For example, in their first number you will read the expert tips and lessons of Drea Horvath, landscape artist, Uwe Jarling, April Roth, or the developer of Curvy 3D, Simon De Rivaz.

Every 3D work needs 2D resources, so I was contacted by the magazine that asked me to become their sponsor for their contest. I loved the idea of this magazine and the project in general, so I didn't hesitate to join.

The magazine's Premier Issue will be available both in print and downloadable PDF on April 7th.

The contest at 3D Hobby Magazine consists in making the cover for their next issue. The first place prize is a licensed copy of Curvy 3D, and in the list of prizes you can also find my product:

Photoshop Space Brush pack from Emma Alvarez


"Return To The Earth", by Emma Alvarez

This illustration was created by me using my product Photoshop Space Brushes, that you can win in this contest.

Visit the contest's info and rules here: http://www.3dhobbymag.com/contests

The deadline for entries is April, 25th. You may use any 3D program to create your art. Post work is allowed.

-Emma Alvarez-

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