My Interview In San Vicente Radio

This Tuesday I was interviewed in San Vicente Radio, in the program "La Tarde en San Vicente" presented by Arena Garcia.

Arena Garcia, presenter of "La Tarde en San Vicente"

Last week I received an invitation to make this interview. It was on San Vicente town, in which is located the University of Alicante.
The University of Alicante is really nice. It has a campus of more than one square kilometer, with artificial lakes, big gardens, sculpture monuments, fountains, and art galleries, gymnasium, pools, soccer fields, etc. With a lot of things for students to get entertained and forget why they're there actually (to study) LOL!

The interview was at 18:00 PM. But before going to the radio I went to take a coffee. I will remember not to this again because that coffee made me a bit nervous. Too much caffeine for me.

When I arrived to the radio, I really liked what I saw. They were a very dynamical team, and they treated me really well. The presenter, Arena, is a really charming journalist. She is intelligent, fun...

San Vicente Radio

The program is some hours long, but in the first hour she uses to interview personalities of the province. Sometimes she interviews politicians, others musicians or actors, and artists in general.

The interview was a live program. In the interview we talked about my career and digital art. We did lots of jokes and it was a fun interview.

They have asked me, before the interview, what kind of music did I like, and I liked very much that the music that they chose for this program were the ones I said. They put "A world without heroes" (Kiss), "Listen to the rain" (Evanescence), "Scarborough fair", "For the Love of God" (Steve Vai) and "Crazy" of Aerosmith. This last one sounded at the end of the program.
I felt very pleased with this beautiful gift.

It was a very nice evening that I will always remember.

-Emma Alvarez-

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