The Meaning Of Numbers

In the Greek tradition, the first 10 numbers (12 in Asia) had an archetypal symbology. The rest were combinations of these first 10 numbers, and thus less important.

Numerology was developed by Hebrews, Gnostics and alchemists.

(No) Numbers
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Zero means death or the dead point where something begins. As a circle, it means the eternity. Its meaning is a beginning or end.

Number 1 symbolizes the spiritual unity, the light. The beginning that originated multiplicity. The support of everything.

Number 2 symbolizes duality, and also opposition, and sexuality. The power of creation and destruction, of female nature and male nature, moon against sun, life and death, and conflict.

Three means the spiritual synthesis, the resolution of the conflict that dualism generates. Symbolizes the heaven, the spirit.

Number 4 symbolizes totality, organization, reason, order, what is established. It is associated with the 4 lunar phases, 4 cardinal points, 4 seasons, 4 elements. It is also the symbol of the Earth.

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Five is the balance, the human perfection. Five mediates between the mundane world and the divine one, and that's why the pentagram has 5 points. The head rules the 4 limbs,as the spirit rules over the 4 elements (earth, water, fire and air). It also symbolizes health and love, and the fifth element, the quintessence.

Number 6 symbolizes beauty. In the Tarot, the sixth major arcanum, represents The Lovers. It also symbolizes the balance, effort, and justice.

Seven is the harmony. The manifestation of the order and organization of the cosmos (the 7 days of the week, 7 musical notes). It also symbolizes pain (7 mortal sins, 7 plagues).

Number 8 symbolizes the final balance. It represents the Earth, and is symbol of love and the virtues of prudence and reflection.

numbers no 2
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Nine symbolizes the hierarchy and perfection of ideas. Number 9 symbolizes the truth, and is a sacred number because it is 3 times 3.

Ten is the symbol of spiritual realization and return to the unity and perfection.

Eleven symbolizes transition, excess, danger.

Number 12 symbolizes salvation, order. It is a number linked to space and time (the 12 zodiac signs).

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