Conference, And Exhibition In Archaeologycal Museum Of Elda

Last March 2nd was a very busy day. At 6 PM I had to make a conference in "Colegio Oficial de Enfermeria" of Alicante, because of the cultural events for the festivity of "San Juan de Dios". I have no translation for any of these, lol!

At 8 PM we had to be in Elda, in the Archaeologycal Museum, because the Exhibition for Human Rights moved there. The bus that was going to bring us there missed the street and came 1 hour late. In addition, there was a traffic jam because of road works. But at 8:30 we arrived to the Archeologycal Museum.

I think it was one of the most beautiful art halls in which I have exhibited till now, alongside with the Casino of Alicante, that has a really gorgeous gallery.

The presentation event lasted very little, and then we were invited for a lunch :)

Here's the video so you can see the beautiful art gallery of the archaeological museum of Elda.

-Emma Alvarez-

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