Solo Exhibition In Ambito Cultural Corte Ingles

This Friday 15th was the inauguration of my solo exhibition in Ambito Cultural of Corte Ingles of Alicante (Spain). There you will be able to see 28 of my best works. The exhibition will go from April 15th through May 3rd, and can be visited from Mondays to Fridays from 10 to 14 and 17 to 21 h. The address is Avenida Federico Soto 1-3, 5th floor.

I went through 15 days of real madness because of this exhibition, calling people, giving invitations, and printing and framing my last works. I was really stressed. The night before I could not sleep.
There was a little problem with the invitations and the poster, that reads "ENma" and not "Emma", and couldn't be fixed LOL! but well...

I was introduced by the brilliant painter Antogonza, and Consuelo Giner, the President of the cultural association to which I belong.

They said so beautiful things that I feel blushed. People loved to see all my works and I felt really pleased.

In some of the photos you can see my husband, the blond man with long hair and beard. As he makes the photos he appears little. But we are together in one of the photos :)

Here you are the video, I wish you like it:

-Emma Alvarez-

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