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Some months ago I started to organize an exhibition in Morocco, with my friend the great artist Elmadani Belmadani.

Eleven artists of the artistic association EDA which I belong gave me their artworks. I prepared a huge package with them and their biographies that I translated to English. Elmadani Belmadani translated them to French when he received them.

What may be simple and easy took me one month to coordinate, it was a nightmare LOL! I had to call hundreds of times to the artists of my association, to remember them that some data was missing. What I asked was the following:
- a short bio
- a photo of the artwork that was being sent
- a photo of themselves

But, well, some people started to paint an artwork to send it to Morocco. And they said "the painting is drying". The short bio of some people became 2 full sheets, so they had to be summarized.
My husband had to make the photo of some artworks because they were missing.
And a lot of other things and stories that may make you laugh LOL!

This has been an unforgettable experience :D

The exhibition has been a great success. I want to thank Elmadani Belmadani, a great professional and a brilliant artist, for this great international exhibition.

The work that I sent that was "The Free Soul Of Pegasus" was in one of the official posters of the event, and in addition my work appeared in a TV reportage about the exhibition, in the 2M Monde channel.

2M Monde TV has an audience share of 27% !!!

I am very proud that my "Free Soul Of Pegasus" has appeared in this TV channel of Morocco. You can see the video here:

-Emma Alvarez-

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