Paranoid (Ozzy Osbourne)

"Finished with my woman cause she couldn't help me with my mind!
people think i'm insane because I am frowning all the time!

All day long I think of things
but nothing seems to satisfy
Think I'll lose my mind
if I don't find something to pacify

Can you help me, occupy my brain?
Oh yeah!

I need someone to show me
the things in life that I can't find
I can't see the things that make true
happiness, I must be blind

Make a joke and I will sigh
and you will laugh and I will cry
Happiness I cannot feel
and love to me is so unreal

And so as you hear these words
telling you now of my state
I tell you to enjoy life
I wish I could but it's too late"

-lyrics of the original song-

You can find this old song of Black Sabbath in the new album of Ozzy called: "Diary Of A Madman (Legacy Edition)". Where you also can find old diamonds like "Believer" or "Tonight", classics and unforgettable songs. Enjoy them!
Get the album online or at Kmart and save money.

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

Gotta love Ozzie! I have this
lp. lol What's scary is I got it new. lol
Thanks for the memory!


Emma Alvarez said...

I love Ozzy too!!! :D


Hello! What a very interesting blog!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you! :)

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