EA Elorah, Character For V4.2

Hi all! Lately I've not posted too much because I was busy doing this. I am really excited for making my first 3D character. I hope you like it :)

I have released this product for Renderosity with my husband Jordi (hiperia3d). Only through this Monday August 29, EA Elorah, new on the marketplace, at 25% off.

Get it here: EA Elorah

Gorgeous princess and mighty elven warrior. Born between two worlds. Only the darkness of the night knows her real identity...
A character for Victoria 4.2

High quality textures and shaders for Poser and DAZ Studio. See complete list of features in the product's page.

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

With each post of a new creation, you get better and better and better! She is lovely! I like your story for her, too. She looks the part. I love it!

Emma Alvarez said...

Thank you so much dear Su, your support is very important for me :)

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