Our Flight In A Cessna Airplane

I've been so busy in the last months that I didn't find the time to post and share this with you.
In October my husband was on holidays. We thought in making a small travel. But I was so busy that we couldn't. So we organized exciting activities for those days.

One of the activities was a flight in a Cessna airplane. It's the kind of things one wants to make in life. If you ask me about things that I want to do I may say: to fly in air balloon (I will, and will show you the photos, lol!), swimming between sharks (I asked about this, but they didn't let me, I needed a diving license), making bungee jumping (but my husband doesn't let me) and another one was flying in an airplane like this.

I think that people should try to make their dreams come true, although they may seem a madness (although this one wasn't).

I've never been in an hangar like that. There were lots of airplanes, some of them were seaplanes and there were also some helicopters.

My husband Jordi and I took a lot of photos.

The  takeoff was better than I imagined LOL! We asked the pilot to make a tilt maneuver and it was very fun. In addition photos look more impressive like this:

We were able to fly over our home. It's really stunning to see how the city houses look like a bunch of toys.

The landing was smooth too, and there were no turbulences, so it was a perfect flight and a perfect day! ;)

-Emma Alvarez-

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suruha said...

Your experience sounds like fun! Ya'll are such a cute couple. I'm glad you had a nice trip!
Here is wishing you and Jordi a very Merry Christmas, Emma. You have a nice one!

Emma Alvarez said...

Oh Thank you so much dear Su and Merry Christmas and ton of hugs!

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