"Together In The Mediterranean" Art Exhibition In Casino of Alicante

Do you remember the exhibition of Alhoceima? In collaboration with the Moroccan artistic association Golden Triangle of Arts, Elmadani Belmadani and I prepared a cultural interchange between Spain and Morocco.
In that occasion and in this new exhibition I coordinated the Spanish part of these events.

11 artists from Spain sent their works to Morocco to be exhibited in Alhoceima.

Now, 7 artists from Morocco sent me their artworks, and they were exhibited in the Royal Casino of Alicante, alongside with 30 Spanish artists.
The Royal Casino of Alicante was built in 1881 and was property of the Marquis of Escalambre. Its halls are decorated with the paintings of prestigious artists, marble statues of classical style, and is the meeting point of cultural institutions. 

The exhibition was called "Together In The Mediterranean". It will be there from 10th to 30 of December, and was inaugurated on Saturday December 10, at 7:30PM.

The day before I was coordinating the decoration of the gallery. I have to say that I was very excited and wanted that everything was perfect.

There were lots of people, and the exhibition was a success. It was very moving for me to listen the appreciation of the people of my association and the public.

Here you are the photos:

-Emma Alvarez-

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