Brave Organized Poses For V4

I have released a beautiful and versatile new product of poses: Brave Organized Poses For V4

A pack of 611 poses for V4, including full body poses and their derived partial and mirror poses for head and neck, eyes, arms, legs, upper body, lower body, hands and reset to zero poses.

- 60 full body poses (30 unique + 30 derived mirrors)
- 60 upper body poses (30 unique + 30 mirrored)
- 60 lower body poses (30 unique + 30 mirrored)
- 60 head and neck poses (30 unique + 30 mirrored)
- 120 arm poses (60 for left arm + 60 mirrors for right arm)
- 120 leg poses (60 for left leg + 60 mirrors for right leg)
- 60 hand poses (to be used in left or right hand)
- 60 eyes poses (30 unique + 30 mirrored)
- 11 zero poses to restore neutral position of each part


This product is valid for Poser and DAZ Studio.

-Emma Alvarez-

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