Glamour Jeweled Sandals

Here is our new product for Renderosity: Glamour Jeweled Sandals!

Pure sophistication and glamour for your renders! The footwear that will make your girls shine! Jeweled sandals with a myriad of diamond, ruby, emerald, topaz, or cobalt mounted jewels, all with the real diamond facets cut.
Lots of possible combinations are made possible due to the multiple mat zones for the sandals, frames, center jewels, border jewels and toe jewels. All mats are partial so you can have both feet as you wish, or completely different looks for left and right sandals, and mix colors for jewels and sandals.

Get them 30% off now!

More images and info here: Glamour Jeweled Sandals for Poser and Daz Studio

-Emma Alvarez-

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