Our New Store At DAZ

I've been member of Platinum Club of DAZ since 2009. I always wanted to be a vendor there, but because of circumstances, I never could till now.

But Jordi and I opened a store at DAZ and we are very proud to be there. It has been very hard to find the time to send a product there and this has been possible thanks to our friend Fred Winkler, with whom we did our first product.

We always supported Daz Studio customers, trying the maximum compatibility of our products. So this was the natural outcome.

I have to say that we are absolutely glad with the welcome we had at DAZ. We feel very proud to be there, and we'll do great things there.

We know that many customers wanted to see us there and we finally are there, folks!

Our new product is a character made with our friend Fred Winkler (FWArt). She is Sayuri, an Asian beauty. She is absolutely versatile, she comes with everyday makeups, and 4 fantasy geisha makeups. She also has stunning body tattoos. Have a look, I'm sure you'll love her!


-Emma Alvarez-

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