Our Hair At DAZ's Teen Josie Starter And Pro Bundles

This is great! Our hair Scarf Braid Hair is included in the Starter and Pro Bundles of Teen Josie at DAZ!

Since the beginning, one thing we always dreamed on was to have a product included in the official packs of original figures. Now, our hair is in the packs of Teen Josie, the new DAZ figure based on Genesis 2 Female. This is just fantastic!

 Here is Teen Josie in the cover of the Starter Bundle, with our hair on:

Thank you to all customers and friends who have supported us all these years. Thanks to them we feel encouraged to work very hard. And you have spread how much they like what we do, and you have done beautiful pieces of art with our stuff. Our work has been recognized because of this support, and we now feel rewarded.

Also, working with the 6 Generation of DAZ is awesome, because they are perfectly done, including all the latest technologies, and with such a mastery of anatomy and shapes that is just outstanding, and we are really loving them. It is such a pleasure to work for DAZ.
And Teen Josie is just so cute and cool, it is a perfect addition to your assets. She is the most versatile teenage figure, she can be cute, nice and fun, the image of a nowadays teenager. You will really love her!

You can use Scarf Braid Hair in all Genesis 2 Female figures. It works also in Girl 6, Gia, V4 for Genesis 2 Female, and of course Victoria 6. It is in both packs, Starter and Pro, and you can also buy it independently if you want to, although the packs are really worth because of the other great products included.

-Emma Alvarez-

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