EJ Leilani

Our EJ Leilani has been just released at DAZ, she is 30% off and in addition if you buy it, you also get 60% off on the "Friday Bling" promotion.
Leilani is a Hawaiian beauty, and her name means "heavenly flower", as the famous song of Bing Crosby, that I hope you know, if not have a look on Youtube. She's perfect for this moment of the year! smile She's also the girl you need for your beach/summer renders! smile

Leilani is a character for Genesis 2 Female(s), with highly detailed skin and makeups, tapairu (nymph deity of the Pacific) body painting with full body and partials, and many options to customize her appearance.

Leilani is here: http://www.daz3d.com/jewelry-hands-and-ears/ej-leilani

(and if you buy her, in the same order you get 60% off for all the products here: http://www.daz3d.com/jewelry-hands-and-ears/)


-Emma Alvarez-

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